Labor & Employment

Public and Private Sector Employment Matters

Labor and employment law is central to our litigation practice.  Having represented both employers and employees in employment matters for many years, we have a broader perspective than most management-only or plaintiff-only employment law firms.  Our expertise includes litigating employment discrimination claims involving race, gender, disability, age, sexual harassment, and retaliation.  We represent both charging parties and respondents in matters before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and frequently litigate significant wage and hour disputes.  Our lawyers also possess expertise in the elements of employment agreements, such as covenants not to compete, non-solicitation provisions and trade secret protections

Executive Employment and Severance Agreements

We have negotiated, drafted, reviewed, enforced and defended hundreds of executive employment agreements from both the company and executive perspective, which are critical as a foundation for the relationship and an opportunity to harmonize the expectations of both parties.  Similarly, we have negotiated, drafted and reviewed hundreds of severance agreements when it becomes necessary to end a relationship amicably, efficiently and productively for both parties.

Government and Law Enforcement Matters

Our lawyers have represented dozens of cities, counties and their executives.  Effective representation in this area must consider political reality and the inherent openness of government. We have performed this role in matters known publicly, and when the situation requires, privately.

Restrictive Covenants

Covenants to protect the company’s customers and employees are a key tool in today’s business climate.  With the passage of new legislation in Georgia, employers should revisit their current agreements to maximize the protection allowed.  Our firm has the expertise to assist.

Virtual Human Resources Department

We also offer Virtual Human Resources Management services to public and private employers, becoming, in effect the HR management for employers who choose not to employ full time professional human resources and personnel management staff, or whose HR Departments require augmentation with our special expertise.