Matters Affecting Churches, Religious and Non-Profit/Exempt Organizations

We serve churches, worship groups, non-profit and other exempt organizations with the understanding that they require sophisticated business-oriented legal services delivered with sensitivity to their missions and an emphasis on controlling costs.

Initial Organization

We offer turn-key services to incorporate your religious or non-profit organization and to obtain appropriate Internal Revenue Code tax-exempt status.

Policies and Best Practices

Our lawyers have the knowledge and experience to deliver proven solutions to the challenges that face religious and non-profit organizations.  We show clients how to resolve employment issues and address your Ad Valorem Property Tax and Unrelated Business Income Tax issues.  We can help with rental issues; political activities and lobbying; insurance and risk management; and properly acknowledging Taxable Gifts.

Services to Religious Leaders

Religious leaders face unique employment issues.  We have the expertise to assist with issues concerning housing allowances, social security coverage options, religious counseling privilege and the proper handling of suspected child endangerment.  This work is done with discretion and in keeping with your traditions.  Our lawyers recently negotiated a severance package for a departing pastor that met the needs of our client, his family and the church congregation.